A Working Process

My name is Kyle Stinnett and two years ago God spoke into my life and gave me a vision. Little did I realize then that this vision would shape my life and give me the desire to allow my will to align with God’s will. It’s been a spectacular journey that just seems to continue to be growing and shaping me into the man God wants me to be. This vision has the potential to shape the future of everyone who is involved. It’s the vision of the Kingdom.

I believe that every person on his earth has been given a deep desire and passion that God has placed on their hearts. The organization I’m working with now (Adventures In Missions) calls this a Kingdom Dream. God has given me the desire to ignite His people and empower them to live out their Kingdom Dream no matter where they live in the world. My heart’s desire is to see a generation raised up and transformed so that they may step into the Kingdom of Heaven and expand it with God.

When God gave me this vision He told me that I would raise up a ministry that gave people the opportunity to learn and grow. He said that this ministry would expand over four countries and many lives would be touched. At this moment I am on my own spiritual journey on the World Race and currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. This is where God has called me to start my ministry. I have no idea how God’s going to start this ministry or exactly what it looks like. All I know is that I’ve been called and so I will follow that call.


For more information about me and what I’m doing follow my World Race blog at www.kylestinnett.theworldrace.org or email me at kyle.g4k@gmail.com